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oupv captain's license

Individuals wishing to operate small-scale fishing or charter boats are required by law to obtain an Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels, or OUPV, Captains License. A United States Coast Guard Captain's License falls into three main categories: OUPV, also known as a Six Pack License - limits vessels to 6 passengers or fewer; Mate Licenses - for operators of Coast Guard inspected and uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons, carrying more than 6 passengers; Master - for inspected and uninspected vessels of up to 100 tons, carrying more than 6 passengers.

six pack license

Millions of Americans enjoy the freedom of the open water, and many opt to make their living on it. As more people become independent entrepreneurs, more are looking to small pleasure cruises, scuba dives and fishing expeditions as a pleasurable way to go into business for themselves. For this reason, the Six Pack License is perhaps the most popular and commonly required Coast Guard issued license. The 6-pack, or OUPV Captains License, applies to a number of small-vessel occupations, such as small fishing boats and lake charter tours. Operators with this licensure are limited to no more than six passengers, and the candidate must have at least 360 days of boating experience on inland or near coastal waters with 90 days out of the total experience within the last three years to qualify. Mariners with this license can also obtain additional endorsements, such as Master Upgrades for increased tonnage. Master and Mate 100-tons licensees can operate vessels of up to 100 gross tons. However, these endorsements also carry with them additional training requirements, which vary by the endorsement desired. While the various requirements and licensures can be quite confusing, you don't have to navigate these waters alone. Quality Maritime Training, LLC is happy to assist you in determining what licenses and endorsements you need to accomplish your goals. More Information: